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One of the great strengths of the Engineering Team at Thistle Design is their ability to draw on a wide range of experience in the encoder industry to provide unique solutions to measurement, motion and control problems.

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The Remote Level Indicator (RMD) was developed primarily for use in measuring water levels in rivers and lochs, this range of instruments converts incremental encoder outputs into a BCD format. This is in turn made available on a multi-pin connector for telemetry purposes and is simultaneously displayed on the front panel on an easy to read LCD.

All units provide pulsed power to their associated encoders to minimise power.

The Level Indicators have been successfully used by the Environment Agency, SEPA, National Resources Wales, United Utilities, Canada Capula, Witham Controls, among others.


The most popular variants are:

RMD-200 Level Indicator with local 1mm resolution, LCD display,
                  16 bit BCD telemetry output, pulsed power supply output
                  for type 24R-120 encoder.

RMD-212 Level Indicator with local 1mm resolution, LCD display,
                  16 bit BCD telemetry output, integral encoder,
                  mounting bracket and pulley.

RMD-217 Digital and Analogue Level Indicator with a 4 to 20ma
                  output scaled over a 4 metre range supplementing the
                  standard BCD output.

Further options are available with 1, 2, 8 and 16 metre ranges, twin BCD outputs, opto-isolation etc.

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