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One of the great strengths of the Engineering Team at Thistle Design is their ability to draw on a wide range of experience in the encoder industry to provide unique solutions to measurement, motion and control problems.

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A range of International Frame Size 23 Brushless Resolvers with Sine/Cosine outputs has been developed for measurement, motion and control applications.

Excitation Frequencies from 400Hz up to 2.5KHz at 20V RMS with a Transformation Ratio of 1.000 ±10% achieved using integral rotary transformers.

Angular accuracy from ±3 minutes of arc to ±15 minutes of arc are available

Our applications engineers can assist you in selecting the most appropriate version to suit your needs.


The basic types are:

TDPV114 Resolver, unsealed. Form, fit and functional equivalent to CTD 23RS114.

TDPV116 Resolver, sealed to IP65.

TDPV117 Resolver, Radiation Resistant, unsealed.

TDPV118 Resolver, Radiation Resistant, sealed to IP65.


All of the above are suitable for use with Resolver to Digital Interface cards to output 16 Bit Binary, RS232, SDI-12 formats. See our accessories section for more information on what we can offer.

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