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One of the great strengths of the Engineering Team at Thistle Design is their ability to draw on a wide range of experience in the encoder industry to provide unique solutions to measurement, motion and control problems.

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Mechanical Accessories

A number of options are available to couple, drive and mount Encoders, Resolvers and RVDTs:

Bellows Couplings, Spiral Couplings, Flexible Mounts, Anti-Rotation Mounts, Pulleys, Brackets, Servo-Clamps and Gear Boxes.


The basic types are:

24SQ-903 Mounting Fixture

24SQ-904 Coupling

24SQ-910 Bellows Coupling

24HA-920 Flexible Coupling

24HA-933 Flexible Mount  NSN 2350-99-458-1623

TDEA1111/15 Anti-Rotation Mount

TDEA1236 13.75:1 Gearbox

TDEA1237 1:3 Gearbox

Pulleys  Circumference 256mm, 400mm

Mounting Bracket  24R, 24Z

Servo Clamp Set  Frame size 11  NSN 5340-99-972-6776

Servo Clamp Set  Frame size 15  NSN 5340-99-972-6795

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